the Castle Game

The Castle Game is a single player 3D strategy defense game set in a fantasy medieval world where the player can build their own castle and defend against an army of evil. Players are able to build towers, walls, traps, and other structures, train troops, and cast spells to defend the kingdom.

Coming Spring 2015.

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  • Build and defend your castle against an army of evil creatures.
  • Beautiful 3D environments presented through 15 maps playable in 3 difficulty modes.
  • Build towers, walls, traps, gatehouses with burning oil, and other defensive structures.
  • Train archers, knights, mercenaries, sorceresses, catapults, and ballistae.
  • Research upgrades to improve your defenses
  • Battle against skeletal hordes, warlocks, gargoyles, minotaurs, dragons, and giant spiders.
  • Characters and environments inspired by other fantasy games and shows.
  • Unlock achievements and compete on online leaderboards.